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  • Hail to the Chief

    Salary of retired US Presidents …………….$180,000 FOR LIFE Salary of House/Senate ……………………..$174,00 0 FOR LIFE Salary of Speaker of the House ……………$223,500 FOR LIFE Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders ………$193,400 FOR LIFE Average Salary of a teacher …………………$40,065 Average Salary of Deployed Soldier………....
    Posted to Weblog by bulldog on 08-09-2011
  • Obama administration unveils proposed cybersecurity plan

    President Barack Obama's administration recently unveiled its proposed cybersecurity plan which will, so administration officials say, protect personal privacy and the nation's computer infrastructure. Here's the plan, according to the White House: • There are lots of laws already in place...
    Posted to Weblog by IdentityTheft on 05-17-2011
  • She's too sexy for this publication...

    Who knew Hillary Clinton was too sexy? A New York Hassidic newspaper altered the photograph of President Barack Obama watching the Osama bin Laden raid. They deleted Secretary of State Hilary Clinton from the photo. Just photoshopped Madame Secretary right outta there. According to reports, the Yiddish...
    Posted to Weblog by bulldog on 05-10-2011
  • Will the government shut down? What happens if it does?

    Today's the day. Today we find out if the wheels of government will come to a grinding halt. The list of things that would be a pain in our collective backside if Congress and the White House fail to reach an agreement on the budget is an ever-growing beast. CNN published a list of things this morning...
    Posted to Weblog by bulldog on 04-08-2011
  • Will Obama get re-elected in 2012?

    Americans are split on the issue of re-electing President Barack Obama in 2012, according to a Gallup poll. Forty-six percent of registered voters say he deserves to be re-elected, while 51 percent say he does not. Will he be re-elected? To take a look forward, take a look back. In 2008, the recession...
    Posted to Weblog by bulldog on 04-07-2011
  • Reason Obama locked out of White House revealed

    A few days ago, President Barack Obama returned to the White House to find the doors to the Oval Office were locked. After trying several doors, he was finally able to find one that was open and he gained entry. Here's a link to some video of the event:
    Posted to Weblog by bulldog on 04-01-2011
  • Put that budget in a choke hold, Mr. President

    "Let's get ready to rum-buuuuuuule!" Did you hear it? That was the battle cry heard softly in the background as the president gave his State of the Union address. It appears Republicans, Tea Party members and others are getting ready for some good, old-fashioned "rasslin'."...
    Posted to Weblog by bulldog on 01-26-2011
  • Throw us a bone, Gates

    Archeologists have dug up a 2,400-year-old bronze pot containing soup. They seemed surprised it contained what they believe was bone soup. Um, duh. It's been buried for 2,400 years. Of course there's only bones left. Whatever animal they cooked up has long since decomposed. The find was located...
    Posted to Weblog by bulldog on 12-14-2010
  • Financial Reform

    How the House and Senate Versions of the New Finance Bill Affects Consumers If you are struggling, amidst all of the newspaper articles, blog posts and nightly television news sound bites surrounding the topic of financial reform, to understand what the House and Senate are doing – and how it is likely...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 05-27-2010
  • As Promised – Some “negatives” Of Health Insurance Reform

    Some of the arguments against health insurance reform The landmark health insurance legislation signed into law by President Obama at the end of March, like any bill has its detractors and naysayers. While the new law is expected to bring approximately 32 million Americans onto the rolls of the insured...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 05-12-2010
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