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  • Make your baby's food and save money

    Having a baby changes everything – from your alone time as a couple, to your time with friends to how you spend your free time. It also changes your bottom line. Caring for a child can be expensive. One of the easiest ways to save money is to make your own baby food. It may take a little more time than...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 08-18-2011
  • Women can overcome obstacles toward business ownership

    All business owners face certain challenges, but women often have additional obstacles that their male counterparts are less likely to encounter. But this doesn’t mean women are less successful than men. In fact, statistics show that women are starting businesses at more than twice the rate of male-owned...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 02-03-2011
  • Financial Infidelity

    Financial infidelity - lying or refusing to be honest with your spouse or partner about money. As more and more marriages are made up of two-income couples, financial planners and marriage counselors are encountering a problem known as “financial infidelity.” Simply put, financial infidelity is lying...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 04-29-2010
  • Life Insurance Is More Important Than You Think

    Life insurance is something that many people just don't want to think about. For some, its about admitting mortality – and that can be depressing! Avoiding talking about life insurance or admitting we need it will not make anyone live longer! So why is life Insurance so important? What would happen...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 04-09-2010
  • Financial Giving During The Season Before Easter

    Tithing: what does it mean to Christians today? For many Christians, the season of Lent (from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday) is a particularly important part of the church year. It is a time when believers are often called upon to give up or take on something in order to enhance their spiritual...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 02-28-2010
  • Open for Business

    Our small business start up adventure continues … It really is quite amazing (everyone tells us so) just how much we've accomplished in the 21 days since we took the frightening step of signing a 6-month lease on a 1200-foot retail sales space and committed the majority of our tax refund money to...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 02-23-2010
  • I wonder what Joe the Plumber thought of that?

    He didn't mention “Joe the Plumber!” “Joe the Plumber,” whose actual name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, gained attention during the presidential campaign after asking Democratic candidate Barack Obama about his small business tax policy during a campaign stop in Ohio. Although John McCain made the...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 01-28-2010
  • Tax Changes For 2009

    In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes, wrote Benjamin Franklin in 1789. Well, its tax time again – time to file our annual reports on how we did – financially in 2009. And of course, to pay our share! In order to minimize the amount that you have to pay this year, here...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 01-10-2010
  • Money and Happiness

    George: My parents are wrong, we don’t need money to be happy. Cathy: You're right! Happiness comes when you make the decision to be happy! We can be happy if we want to; all we have to do is decide to choose that wonderful feeling! George: Who needs a bicycle, car, home or even toys to be happy...
    Posted to Weblog by cartoon on 01-06-2010
  • Have you created your budget for 2010?

    There are few personal finance tools more powerful, more necessary … and more unused … than the household budget. Few would attempt to run a business without a financial plan that charts the path between success and disaster, but it is far too common for individuals and families to blindly spend their...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 12-28-2009
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