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  • How to Automatically Mute Spotify Commercials

    Spotify is one of the coolest streaming service and since they offer full music access to free users it makes it even better. Full access to the music comes at a price for free users, they have to listen to commercials that disrupts your playlists. The ads tend to be louder than the music, most of the...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 07-29-2011
  • SecureHome - Turn Your Mac into a Home Security System

    What does a home security system really do for you? It makes a lot of noise and calls the police, who show up 30 minutes later because they get security system calls all the time. SecureHome can make a lot of noise and contact you, who can then call the police, and it only cost $1. SecureHome is an application...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 07-27-2011
  • Ingamium - Adium Plugin that Lets you Chat While Playing Games

    Have you ever been playing a game on your Mac in full screen and get an IM? You either have to ignore it, quite the game, or exit full screen mode if the game supports it in order to respond. InGamium is a plugin for Adium, a popular free multi-client chat application, that allows you to view and respond...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 07-21-2011
  • Wraparound - Wraps your Screen for an Edgeless Computer Screen

    This is a bit of an odd application but I thought it was worth mentioning. Wraparound is a free utility that wraps your screen so if you were to moved you mouse to the bottom of the screen it would reappear at the top and like wise on the sides. Application also wrap so if you were to move an application...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 07-18-2011
  • Magic Launch - Customize What Applications Open File Types

    Magic Launch is a preference plane application that allows you to setup rules as to which applications will open certain file types. Snow Leopard allows users, on some file types, to specify which application you want them to open in, but others you can't which can be rather frustrating. Magic Launch...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 07-18-2011
  • Bean - Fast and Clean Word Processor

    I do my fair share of writing so I spend a lot of time in word processors. I started out using Microsoft Word and then moved on to Open Office and then all the way down to TextEdit where I have been for a while now. The reason for the switch was simple, Microsoft Office and Open Office are too memory...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 07-15-2011
  • Cdto - Changes your Terminal Directory to Current Finder Folder

    From time-to-time I have the need to navigate to a folder using terminal. I'm not exactly a wiz at using the terminal so navigating folders, especially ones with special characters in them, can take time and be a real pain. Cdto is little application that sits in your finder window. When you click...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 07-15-2011
  • GrooveApp - Free Unofficial Grooveshark App and Remote

    Grooveshark is a great music streaming service but it's stuck in your browser unless you pay for the premium service that allows you to download and use the desktop app. GrooveApp gives you a menu applet the allows you to control Grooveshark with your media buttons as well as a window which it loads...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 07-14-2011
  • Spotify is Here - How to Get a Free Account Without an Invite

    Spotify has finally made it's way to the US but you don't have to wait for an official invite or invite code to get in on the action. Spotify, for those of you who don't know, is a very popular Swedish music streaming service which is huge in Europe. It has been a long time coming and offers...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 07-14-2011
  • Cocoon - Easy, Free, Secure, and Private Firefox Browsing

    Cocoon is a Firefox plugin that uses a SSL-encrypted tunnel and tools already built into Firefox to create a secure and private browsing experience. You know how everyone makes such a big deal about the "S" on the end of HTTPS? That "S" stands for secure which is a in fact a server...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 07-13-2011
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