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  • “Green” Reality T.V.

    Ed Begley, Jr. and his wife Rachelle share their experiment in “green” living – with sometimes hilarious results! In the reality T.V. Series, “Living with Ed,” actor Ed Begley, Jr. shares his family's experiences as they attempt to live with the smallest possible carbon footprint. The series records...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 04-27-2010
  • A “Green” Shareholder's Meeting At Apple. Inc.

    Yesterday, at Apple Computer's annual shareholder's meeting, a conservative investor commented that the “glaciers were not melting, climate change was not real, and Board Member Al Gore had become a laughingstock, ” which turned a rather ordinary shareholder's meeting into a session that...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 02-26-2010
  • No More Blunders Please

    Posted to Weblog by cartoon on 01-12-2009
  • A single product helps you save energy, water and money

    When we bought our house last year, we knew the old AC system was inefficient and would need to be replaced at some point, but frankly, there just hasn’t been room in the budget for such a major expense. As luck would have it, the AC condenser failed just when my mother-in-law arrived for a week-long...
    Posted to Forum by writer lady on 08-28-2008
  • Plastic and paper bags: twin evils in a consumer society

    If they can do it Ireland, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Thailand, Australia and South Africa, why can’t we do it here? Each of these nations have either banned plastic shopping bags outright, or taxed the consumers who use them. Ireland began their efforts to limit the use of plastic bags in 2002...
    Posted to Forum by writer lady on 08-04-2008
  • Spark-EV's all-electric SUV a dream car...literally.

    Just like millions of other Americans, I'm desparately but optimistically searching for an electric car that I can afford and that will be available before 2010 when most manufacturers are promising to be in production. No luck so far, but I'm learing a lot along the way. For instance, I've...
    Posted to Forum by writer lady on 06-02-2008
  • The higher gas prices go, the Smarter I feel

    Like most Americans, we are a two-car family. Most of our driving is done in a 2002 Volvo V70 station wagon that gets about 19.5 mpg during city driving; 30 mpg highway. Unlike most Americans, my husband rides a bike to work three or four days a week, but after work he rides home and hops into a 1992...
    Posted to Forum by writer lady on 05-15-2008
  • you won't need a secret decoder ring for this

    changing how you eat is a great way to change how you impact the environment! one thing that does multifarious harm to the environment as we know it is the use and overuse of agricultural chemicals. (a quick and incomplete list: contributes to groundwater pollution; helps pests develop into resistant...
    Posted to Forum by emcee christmas on 05-13-2008
  • Re: Tallahassee Green Events

    Oh man! I wish we could go. The thing about making a living is how much it interferes with your life! My son and 1,000 other kids are at the capitol today for an Earth Day observance. I know they've been teaching conservation at his elementary school because while we were on a long walk the other...
    Posted to Forum by writer lady on 04-22-2008
  • Green roofs

    I've been reading up on rain gardens and green roofs lately. The rainy season isn't far off for us here in Tallahassee, and (if the drought ends this year) we're in for our daily flooding. Rain gardens and green roofs have a lot of benefits like preventing soil erosion, keeping stormwater...
    Posted to Forum by writer lady on 04-17-2008
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