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  • Set goals to ensure financial health in 2012

    There's no doubt that financially, 2011 was a tough year. The recession is, well, receding, but we've got a long way to go yet. With a new year looming, it would be wise to start planning and making your financial goals for 2012. Setting realistic goals is a great first step. • Set both short...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 12-29-2011
  • Do your part before – and after – you sign on the dotted line for that business loan

    Your business loan has been approved. Congratulations. Your business has now received the financing needed to open or expand your business. But before you pop the champagne and propose a toast, you should remember a few key rules before signing on the dotted line and picking up your check. Make sure...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 02-17-2011
  • Financial Infidelity

    Financial infidelity - lying or refusing to be honest with your spouse or partner about money. As more and more marriages are made up of two-income couples, financial planners and marriage counselors are encountering a problem known as “financial infidelity.” Simply put, financial infidelity is lying...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 04-29-2010
  • The Profitability Hurdle

    One measure of small business success: how long does it take to “break even” - and reach profitability? The biggest hurdle that one faces when starting a small business is the profitability hurdle: the time it takes between opening for business and the day that the operation “breaks even.” Typically...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 03-15-2010
  • Financial Giving During The Season Before Easter

    Tithing: what does it mean to Christians today? For many Christians, the season of Lent (from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday) is a particularly important part of the church year. It is a time when believers are often called upon to give up or take on something in order to enhance their spiritual...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 02-28-2010
  • Open for Business

    Our small business start up adventure continues … It really is quite amazing (everyone tells us so) just how much we've accomplished in the 21 days since we took the frightening step of signing a 6-month lease on a 1200-foot retail sales space and committed the majority of our tax refund money to...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 02-23-2010
  • Payday Loans as an Economic Indicator?

    Are payday loans an effective economic indicator of financial health? As an unscientific indicator of the financial health of this country, I have been watching the growth of “payday loan” outlets explode over the past twenty years. Since payday loans were first made legal in the 1990s, the number of...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 02-22-2010
  • Opening A Small Business: Its All In The details!

    Our small business adventure continues this week ... I have discovered that there are a huge number of things to accomplish when starting out in business. We are knocking them off, one at a time … and hoping we haven't forgotten anything. Projected (hopeful) opening day: March 1st. This week we have...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 02-10-2010
  • Chess and Financial Planning

    Effectively planning your financial life is not unlike a well-played chess game! As I played a game of chess yesterday evening against an unknown internet opponent, it occurred to me that there are many similarities between a well-played game of chess and a well-ordered financial life. Chess is a game...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 02-08-2010
  • I wonder what Joe the Plumber thought of that?

    He didn't mention “Joe the Plumber!” “Joe the Plumber,” whose actual name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, gained attention during the presidential campaign after asking Democratic candidate Barack Obama about his small business tax policy during a campaign stop in Ohio. Although John McCain made the...
    Posted to Weblog by moneycoach on 01-28-2010
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