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  • how much fruit or vegetable is in a serving of fruit or vegetable?

    i've been feeding myself successfully for long enough that i rarely give much thought to things like "food pyramids" and whatnot, but recently i revisited this middle school health class favorite after a friend of mine began talking about struggling to get enough protein in her vegetarian...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 07-10-2008
  • marjane satrapi's persepolis

    during the achaemenid dynasty, persepolis was (as you may recall from high school world history class) the ancient riverside site first chosen by cyrus the great and then built up by darius the great to stand as the center of the persian empire. fastforward a couple thousand plus years, and persepolis...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 07-01-2008
  • lol

    i just got an email from my brother that was intended for our mom (backstory: my mom is organizing and hosting an all-family birthday party for my grandpa the week of thanksgiving. and between all the grandkids scattered around, there are thousands of airfare dollars being spent. and, because no one...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 06-30-2008
  • good reading choice

    i recently finished poet mary karr's memoir the liar's club and i'm writing to let you know that i liked it. this is exactly the kind of book you need if you want something literary but not plodding, non-fiction but narrative based, and fast paced but deep. and darkly comic. the story covers...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 06-25-2008
  • speed scrabble

    once a week me and my friends get together to play scrabble, but sometimes we have to postpone our games till the weekend because scrabble after dinner makes us stay up too late. but we finally figured out a possible solution, which we tested out this weekend: speed scrabble. we all agree ahead of time...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 06-16-2008
  • like a book by faulkner, only human

    i guess it's been awhile since i've done an online quiz for the sake of this blog, but that's just because the ones i usually run across seem boring. but you know what i love more than almost anything else? of course you do--books! so when i saw the "what literary work are you?"...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 05-30-2008
  • cheap thrills: things to do for under $10 (item 10)

    cheap thrills has finally reached its tenth anniversary! we will celebrate with chocolate cupcakes! this is probably my favorite free thing to do: make up an occasion that calls for celebrating! the truth is, once you get yourself in the mindset of a celebration, the celebration itself becomes the special...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 05-19-2008
  • cheap thrills: things to do for under $10 (item nine)

    this is a good time of year to start thinking of cheap thrills that involve air conditioning. everyone knows about hanging out at the movie theater to beat the heat, but did you know you can go to the movies on the cheap? you can, with the dollar theater! if you're anything like me, a spontaneous...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 05-12-2008
  • cheap thrills: things to do for under $10 (item eight)

    before i start, let me say that this item is not as achievable to as wide an array of people as some of the previous cheap thrills suggestions. this item requires access to a musical instrument. however, even if you don't have one and don't plan to invest in buying one, don't give up yet...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 05-05-2008
  • it's time for first friday at railroad square art park

    with the end of the academic year, tonight's attendees at the art park might start missing big bend contemporary's recent role as a nexus for railroad square festivities, but on the upside, as we move into summertime, daylight and twilight stretch through the first friday hours. somehow, lingering...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 05-02-2008
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