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  • Re: Peter Griffin - poor kid

    Yeah, at his reunion, they'd be all like, "And we thought you'd never amount to nothin'!"
    Posted to Forum by Slothra on 11-19-2008
  • Re: Peter Griffin - poor kid

    I just hope he graduated before Family Guy started airing. If he didn't, he must have been constantly made fun of. But if he did graduate before Family Guy, he'll probably be much more popular at his next high school reunion.
    Posted to Forum by Jon on 11-18-2008
  • Re: Sorry I scratched your car but you deserved it!

    That's gotta be the worst apology ever! It's really not an apology at all--more of a criticism. And it's pretty hypocritical; the writer deserves a note on his car saying, "Remember not to park in a half-occupied space." But at least the double-parker probably will think twice about...
    Posted to Forum by Jon on 11-05-2008
  • Unnecessary Censoring

    Usually censoring is a good thing. It protects our ears from offensive language with slightly less offensive beeps and blurs. But it can also be used to make something perfectly clean and innocent look REALLY bad. Take Sesame Street for example. [YouTube:v/aqLg--gO410&hl=en&fs=1]
    Posted to Forum by Altair on 10-16-2008
  • Indian Heroes?

    I don't know anything about this but I saw it on a blog. American Heroes: Indian Heroes?:
    Posted to Forum by Narutofan on 10-10-2008
  • Re: Alabama Smoke Detector

    Let me tell you, that would be a big step up from my old smoke detector. Mine used to go off every time someone used the oven, and it was next to impossible to turn off. But one day, I turned on a lamp, not knowing that someone had hung a T-shirt on top. A few minutes later, I smelled smoke, went to...
    Posted to Forum by Jon on 10-01-2008
  • Why Blogiversity is the Best Forum Community

    I have been a member of many forums communities, but Blogiversity is the only forum community that lacks one key feature: mean people. Every other forum community I have seen has a handful of elite trolls who spend all day picking at typos, correcting mistakes, making fun of people, and generally spreading...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 09-25-2008
  • Re: DEmotivation Posters

    I think my favorite poster is the mediocrity one. There's so much truth to it, especially when applied to bureaucracy! I really like that it uses the Leaning Tower of Piza because it reminds me of so many faulty, wasteful government construction projects that I've seen or heard about.
    Posted to Forum by Jon on 09-16-2008
  • Ending Women's Suffrage

    PaulCarson posted earlier to remind us of the day when the US Constitution was passed the 19th amendment to guarantee women the right to vote. After much protests and political struggles, women's suffrage (the right to vote) was granted to them, and this right is still cherished and guarded today...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 08-27-2008
  • Chinese Take Out Prank

    We have all had trouble understanding the people taking orders for Chinese take-out. So these guys wondered if they can understand each other. This prank call gets two Chinese restaurants talking to each other and getting extremely confused. [YouTube: /v/Iz9ra9FqNKQ&hl=en&fs=1]
    Posted to Forum by Newsflash on 08-20-2008
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