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  • Re: Murphy Oil Soap not so green after all

    gwynedd gal, thanks for your reply. Your credentials are above reproach; my credentials for this forum are limited to my efforts to live a greener life and my career as a writer. Since you've read this entry, I guess it's safe to assume you're interested in the environmental safety of commonly...
    Posted to Forum by writer lady on 09-15-2008
  • Bacteria May Some Day Fuel Your Car

    A company called Coskata has been working on a process to produce ethanol from waste such as lawn clippings, wood chips, garbage, and other products that would normally pile up in landfills. They are working on a bioreactor that uses anaerobic bacteria to break down this biomass and convert it into ethanol...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 04-28-2008
  • Green roofs

    I've been reading up on rain gardens and green roofs lately. The rainy season isn't far off for us here in Tallahassee, and (if the drought ends this year) we're in for our daily flooding. Rain gardens and green roofs have a lot of benefits like preventing soil erosion, keeping stormwater...
    Posted to Forum by writer lady on 04-17-2008
  • Re: Murphy Oil Soap not so green after all

    Sorry it's taken so long for my response. Soap is made from more natural ingredients; detergent is made from chemical synthetics. Soaps are made from natural oleochemical found in natural fats and oils; detergents are made from petrochemicals. Soaps react badly to the chemicals in hard water and...
    Posted to Forum by writer lady on 04-16-2008
  • Murphy Oil Soap not so green after all

    I remember the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap from childhood. Other than having clean floors, the scent of Murphy's is one of the few things I like about scrubbing floors. And I always felt good about using it, knowing I wasn't exposing my family or our pets to dangerous chemicals. When I was...
    Posted to Forum by writer lady on 04-10-2008
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