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  • Pics of Cole

    A couple of pics from when Cole was a baby, about six to eight weeks old. Oh-so-cute baby bunny. So tiny! A handful of bunny. And some current pictures - Cole is NO Dwarf Rabbit, that's for sure! Cole on his harness, relaxing after running around like crazy. ;-) Stretched out in his cage. Relaxed...
    Posted to Forum by Cae on 07-31-2008
  • Re: Introducing Cole

    Speaking of my favorite bunny buddy, I just have to said (completely unbiased, of course) that Cole is the cutest animal. As I'm going back and forth between doing computer work and housework (oh, the joys of, he's just chilling out in his cage, looking so cute. He actually lays...
    Posted to Forum by Cae on 07-31-2008
  • Introducing Cole

    All of my life, I've loved animals and have wanted a dog. Actually, anything furry would have been great. However, some of my family are extremely allergic to anything furry, so unfortunately, no pets except a goldfish (not exactly cozy). When I moved out I was excited at the possibility of a pet...
    Posted to Forum by Cae on 06-06-2008
  • Bunny Facts

    If you're considering adding a rabbit to your brood, check out some of the things I've learned from my 5 month old bunny, Cole. Also check online for good sites and advice. Happy bunny trails! Some facts on rabbits that I've learned: Males are called bucks, females are does. Their teeth never...
    Posted to Forum by Cae on 06-06-2008
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