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  • How to Embed Youtube Videos on Blogiversity

    If you want to really spice up your posts, you can now embed videos from YouTube. It will take a bit of copy/pasting to get the code right, but it looks a lot more intimidating than it really is. We basically want to take the code to place a YouTube clip into Blogiversity and splice in the code for the...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 07-03-2008
  • How to Post In Your Photo Gallery

    Posting in your photo gallery is much like posting in your blog. The bottom of the right sidebar has a "Common Tasks" list. Click on "Add Picture" from this list. This will take you to a page similar to the "post blog" page. At the right of the "Photo to Upload"...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 05-15-2008
  • How to Create Polls

    We have just enabled the Poll feature in all forums posts to Blogiversity. Polls can be used within a post or stand alone as a post. They can't be used in replies. They allow users to vote from a list of answers. The answers will then be tallied up and the percentages of each answer will be shown...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 05-06-2008
  • How to Add Hyperlinks to Your Posts

    When posting on any forum or blog, you can include hyperlinks that link your post to outside sites. You can use these to refer people to external sites, or other blog/forums posts on Blogiversity. It's actually quite easy to do and it will really enrich your posts by allowing people to look up extra...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 04-29-2008
  • How to Use Blogiversity Tags

    You will notice that at the bottom of each post, there is a box labeled "Tags". Think of tags like labels on papers in a filing cabinet. They are a small group of words that designate the topic of your post. When you tag something, our site can identify it with other posts on that topic. When...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 04-09-2008
  • How to Add Pictures to Your Posts

    You can add pictures from your computer or a website to any post on Blogiversity. To add a picture from a website, you have to first find the picture's URL. Once you have this, click the tree icon in the toolbar. A window will pop up prompting you to enter the URL. Just copy/paste the web address...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 04-08-2008
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