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  • How I Completed the Third Draft! Part 3: The Timesheet

    The summer after finishing my master's degree (last summer), I worked and worked and wrote and wrote. But then the summer ended and I was not even halfway done. I voiced my displeasure with this to someone who tried to console me by saying "the good part of being a teacher is that there's...
    Posted to Weblog by DMI on 04-05-2015
  • How I Completed the Third Draft! Part 1: The Vow

    The last post I made here was over a year and a half ago. I was fed up and failing at balancing my life as a writer with the multitude of other demands on time: twin girls, full-time job, working on a Master's Degree in education. I was trying everything I could think of: writing early in the morning...
    Posted to Weblog by DMI on 03-29-2015
  • Days 15-17: Chapter 4

    I wanted to blog everyday this week, but it was just too crazy and what time I had to write went straight to the book. I've had anecdotes and more "there's always reasons not to write" moments, but what it boils down to is this: I got another chapter done. A chapter a week may not be...
    Posted to Weblog by DMI on 06-24-2013
  • Day 9: Onward! and stuff

    This morning, I finished Chapter 3, (Huzzah!), and after yesterday's discussion thought I would share what punctuation I believe it ends on (may have to writing more and look back globally before I can think about the novel's rhythm). So, what punctuation does chapter 3 end on? A semi-colon....
    Posted to Weblog by DMI on 06-19-2013
  • Day 8: Breaking Chapters

    Just about finished chapter 3 and the only thing that's keeping me from moving on is seeing how long the next chapter potentially is. I wonder about chapter balance. Plenty of books I read have short chapters and long chapters. Only when they are in the extreme one way or the other do I really notice...
    Posted to Weblog by DMI on 06-18-2013
  • Day 7: TBAWP

    That stands for Tampa Bay Area Writing Project. I am and will be for the next four weeks attending their summer institute for writing teachers. I'm expected to create a demonstration lesson to take back to my school (and district) to share with my peers about the teaching of writing. It's from...
    Posted to Weblog by DMI on 06-17-2013
  • Day 4: Word Working

    No, there wasn't a day-three. Not sure yet if I'll be posting everyday that I do writing, but sadly, yesterday was completely consumed by working on our old house and getting ready to be rented. 10+ hours. Good stuff. Going back today for about an hour / hour in a half. But this isn't a blog...
    Posted to Weblog by DMI on 06-14-2013
  • Day 2: 'Chapter 3, You Old ***' or 'Still Chilly and Sputtering'

    Well, I failed at writing this morning. Not in the getting up and getting start part but in the isolating myself from family part. I've got to have my space to write, especially when it's something like this, where the ideas and inspiration aren't as fresh and you have to force yourself into...
    Posted to Weblog by DMI on 06-12-2013
  • Day 1: The Cold Start

    Here it is, the first day of summer. Let me say, I'm already starting off by having failed in my goals a bit. I'm not even talking about the numerous other attempts I've made to get Draft 3 started that go back more than a year at this point. No. That's far too depressing to talk about...
    Posted to Weblog by DMI on 06-11-2013
  • The Latest Push

    I just scanned through my last real post to this blog and can't belief that so much time has past. The girls were six weeks old and I was trying to keep the book going by writing during my planning period. It was a good idea, worth a try at least. At least I was trying to intend to do something....
    Posted to Weblog by DMI on 01-19-2013
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