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  • Why Are These Children Driving?

    I'm still trying to erase the shock from a few incidents recently reported in the news. In separate incidences in two different states, the police pulled over vehicles where they found 9-year olds to be the drivers! In each case, the father was too drunk to drive and so rather than waiting it out...
    Posted to Weblog by parker on 10-26-2011
  • Wow! Free BlackBerry Apps Until December 31st

    As a BlackBerry user, I must say that I was quite disturbed by the lack of service during an outage they had last week. Today, I am a much happier customer. Research In Motion has announced that beginning on October 19th, they will be offering select premium apps free of charge until December 31st. This...
    Posted to Weblog by parker on 10-18-2011
  • Warning - Dangerous Bacteria Outbreak In Some Cantaloupe & Romaine Lettuce

    Do you enjoy eating cantaloupe? Recent news has shown that there have been 13 deaths related to an outbreak of bacteria (called Listeria) that is contaminating some cantaloupes. It is being reported that 72 people have been infected in 18 states. It is also being reported that the incubation period could...
    Posted to Weblog by parker on 09-30-2011
  • Headlines sometimes make, well, headlines

    Members of the press are supposed to be diligent about checking facts and making sure things are correct before the press starts to spin. But every now and then, a headline slips through that is, well, to say the least, entertaining. The following are actual headlines. The names have been changed to...
    Posted to Weblog by bulldog on 08-19-2011
  • Weird News Wednesday: Fact is stranger than fiction

    This is weird stuff. We couldn't make it up if we tried. You've been warned. In Chinese legend, tea leaves picked by fairies using not their hands but just their mouths yielded brewed tea that would bring prosperity and cure diseases, and now the historic, picturesque Jiuhua Mountain Tea Plantation...
    Posted to Weblog by bulldog on 06-15-2011
  • Lil Wayne Starts Blog From Prison

    Lil Wayne has ducked and dodged the legal system for quite some time, but now his time is up and he has begun serving a year long sentence at Rikers Island in New York. The rapper loves the public eye and if you thought for one second you wouldn't hear from him for these 8 months (rich people get...
    Posted to Weblog by cstanton on 04-02-2010
  • Heartbroken Javan Teen Mishandles Predicament And Misplaces Penis

    A 19 year old guy in Central Java learned that his girlfriend was going to marry another man. Instead of taking the hit and maybe frowning a little and moping around for a few days he decided to make sure that he would never have to worry about dealing with women again. What he did was ironic, stupid...
    Posted to Weblog by cstanton on 03-30-2010
  • Lancashire, UK Bus Drivers Banned from Driving for being too Fat

    In Lancashire UK the buss company Stagecoach, which employes 1,400 people, has sent out letters to it's employees telling them if they weigh more than 23 stone (322 pounds) they will not be allowed to drive their busses for fear their seats will collapse. They will not be fired but given a different...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 10-06-2009
  • Would You Accidentally Run Over Your Own Family?

    When I saw the headline for this story, it immediately caught my attention. Before looking into the entire story, I had to wonder - Who could run over their family? Was it intentional? What were the circumstances? Would you accidentally run over your own family? Well, the details were much different...
    Posted to Weblog by parker on 07-10-2009
  • Recent Celebrity Deaths

    Recent celebrity deaths in the news has been a bit overwhelming the past few days. Since last Thursday, almost 100% of the news that I came across was in relation to either the death of Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, or TV pitchman Billy Mays. While Farah was fatally ill, both the deaths of Michael...
    Posted to Weblog by parker on 06-29-2009
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