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  • Reverse Evolution

    Scientists are always going on about evolution. You rarely hear of an unusual or amazing trait in nature without "it evolved this defense" or "this creature evolved to be capable of doing this" tacked onto it somehow. This process of adaptation is known as Micro-Evolution, which means...
    Posted to Forum by BioBlogger on 12-08-2008
  • The Blue Whale

    I always like to start things off with a bang, so the first animal I will be discussing is the largest animal on earth. The Blue Whale weighs in at about 200 tons and can grow to 110 feet long. Its heart is the size of a car. It's tongue is as big as an elephant, and it has blood vessels big enough...
    Posted to Weblog by BioBlogger on 08-19-2008
  • Introduction

    Since the beginning of time, man has been fascinated by the world around us. We constantly probe and question everything wondering what it is and how it works. Biology is the scientific study of the world and how it works. The more I learn about science, the more it intrigues me. I hope to pass on some...
    Posted to Weblog by BioBlogger on 08-19-2008
  • Diamonds are a Possible Source of Life on Earth?

    For centuries, scientists have been trying desperately to find some explanation for what created life on our planet. The scientific community now has a new theory which they seem very excited about. Scientists have found that when a diamond is treated with hydrogen, it forms a crystalline layer of water...
    Posted to Forum by Newsflash on 07-28-2008
  • Glo-Fish®: The genetically engineered pet with a copyright warning

    Glo-Fish ® genetically engineered Glow-in-the dark fish: Miracle of science, power trip, or fancy novelty aquarium fish? I recently set up a 55 gallon fish tank in my new apartment and just started stocking it with fish. I must say my favorite fish in there are the aptly named Glo-Fish ®. And yes, these...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 02-27-2008
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