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  • Guild updates

    Just want to thank all the officers in the for working so hard to make this guild work. We are right at 80 members strong and growing. I also want to thank arceus for the forum and the alsome layout for the guild. We as a guild thankyou and we will be speading the word about your site.  
  • What the Defenders are About

    This is a very casual helpful guild.  We accept all classes, races, and levels.  We try to help with leveling, equipment, and instances. All you have to do is ask.  We are trying to be very structured and active.  We have several ranks and the more active you are in the guild the faster you get promoted.  The guild master ...
  • Thanks to the creaters of this forum

    Being the guildmaster of this guild I really appreciate everyone who helped set this up for us.  This will really help guildies contact us leaders with suggestions and questions about the guild.  So again thank you to all envolved. Robbie (Romnar) Roberts
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