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  • Re: Recommended Lock Talents: Affliction Spec

    I love the spec build you have but i think supersion is something that warlocks might like to put points into so they are less likely to resist you spells
    Posted to Warlock (Forum) by Shadowpaw on 04-25-2008
  • Warrior's from lvl's 1-20

    Warriors are a pretty black and white when it comes to what they can do. From lvl's 1-10 you need no group unless you chose to, warriors start off just up close and personal. When you learn charge at lvl 4 it is a good thing to use to stun your opponet and to build rage, when you hit lvl 6 and get the move thunder clap no matter that it is an ...
    Posted to Warrior (Forum) by Shadowpaw on 04-12-2008
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