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  • Re: Pics of Cole

    "Stop making up mythical creatures!". Next thing you know, you're gonna be saying he's a Puma or some other such nonsense! ;-)
    Posted to Rodents (Forum) by Cae on 08-26-2008
  • re: Be GONE, mosquitoes, Part 2

    Haha! I've found the Apple Cider Vinegar tablets I'd mentioned at CVS. They're in the vitamin aisle and you may have to search a bit more into the herbal remedy area. I'll warn you, they aren't coated (at least the ones I found) and still taste and smell like strong vinegar. But I began taking them anyway, just to up my body's PH acidity a bit and ...
    Posted to Cae (Weblog) by Cae on 08-26-2008
  • re: Emergency Contact 101

    Ironically, just yesterday as Mom and I were traveling to North Carolina for a trip, we found the Emergency Contact sheet invaluable. We'd stopped for a bathroom break and Mom had set her wallet aside. Since we were trying to limit our stops, we were rushing to get on our way - only to discover about 30 minutes later that she'd left her wallet ...
    Posted to Cae (Weblog) by Cae on 08-26-2008
  • Re: Burglar Fails Miserably

    Hah, talk about poetic justice indeed! Maybe it took over an hour to get him down because they wanted to teach him a lesson in humility when you do really stupid things like breaking into someone else's home. Moron! And hey, pass the popcorn!
    Posted to World News (Forum) by Cae on 08-26-2008
  • Re: Tae Kwan Do Olympian Kicks Referee in the Face

    Wow, that's ridiculous. I can't believe the competitor didn't land in jail! As for the affirmative action comments, I agree. How do people not see that by "getting breaks" it's NOT equalizing, it's more along the lines of letting you cheat a bit for the same work, etc., anyone else who's qualified would be ...
    Posted to World News (Forum) by Cae on 08-26-2008
  • Pics of Cole

    A couple of pics from when Cole was a baby, about six to eight weeks old.   Oh-so-cute baby bunny. So ...
    Posted to Rodents (Forum) by Cae on 07-31-2008
  • Re: Introducing Cole

    Speaking of my favorite bunny buddy, I just have to said (completely unbiased, of course) that Cole is the cutest animal. As I'm going back and forth between doing computer work and housework (oh, the joys of, he's just chilling out in his cage, looking so cute. He actually lays on his side, more like a dog does when ...
    Posted to Rodents (Forum) by Cae on 07-31-2008
  • re: Sometimes you need good news

    I have no idea where this summer has gone or where I've been while it's been going! It's been one of those years, I guess. Sorry things have been rough for you. It seems to be like a cold that's being passed around! Been rough at times for me as well, and others I know. But as they say, it's always darkest before the dawn and all that. (I'm kind ...
    Posted to Writer Lady (Weblog) by Cae on 07-31-2008
  • re: my beliefs

    Hey Nik, That was awesome. I am also a born-again Christian and am thrilled that you're posting about your faith. We all have questions when things get rough, we all ponder the meaning of life. Go for it, girl, and keep writing your heart out. You never know who you're going to encourage. :-) ~ Cae
    Posted to Thoughts (Weblog) by Cae on 07-31-2008
  • Re: Skillet

    Skillet has risen to the my personal Top Ten in the music department! I hadn't known much about them until more recently, besides the few songs they'd play on the Christian radio station. A friend gave me Comatose, their latest CD (I believe it is anyway!) and I'm hooked. I love the first track, "Rebirthing" and ...
    Posted to Favorite Groups (Forum) by Cae on 07-30-2008
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