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  • re: What is a Quarter Bath?

    When I used to work as a house cleaner I saw both of these arrangements, but the sink only was more common. Most of the time, second sinks looked like they were put to good use, too--especially the ones that were installed in vanities and partnered with a mirror and good lighting. The strangest commode only setup I saw was a "gardener's ...
    Posted to Blog Day Afternoon (Weblog) by Romo on 07-10-2008
  • Waste Less Wednesday in the Kitchen

    Last night I had to throw out some spoiled food. There was no good reason for letting the food go bad. A while back I made potato salad for a beach picnic and there were leftovers--maybe enough to eat as a side for one meal each night for a week. Well, I don't like potato salad that much and potato salad doesn't freeze well (or rather, ...
    Posted to Five Alive (Weblog) by Romo on 07-09-2008
  • re: "Oh, My Nose!"

    Goodness! This reminds me of one of my brothers, who broke his nose over and over in various ways--mountain biking, windsurfing, football. He never complained about it hurting, ever.  However, all this nose breaking eventually interfered with his ability to breathe with his mouth closed. At that point he had reconstructive surgery. It turned ...
    Posted to That Is What I'm Blogging About (Weblog) by Romo on 07-09-2008
  • re: Some Information About The Horn- The Instrument ,That Is

    What's Barry Tuckwell's book called? Thanks.
    Posted to The Horn (Weblog) by Romo on 07-07-2008
  • Re: Unsecured data at The UPS Store

    This is really troubling! 
    Posted to Identity Theft (Forum) by Romo on 07-02-2008
  • Waste Less Wednesday: Junk Mail

    You know junk mail can be annoying. You might have heard junk mail creates opportunities for identity theft (those pre-approved credit offers can provide a scammer with just about everything they need to get moving on a new line of credit in your name). Either of those alone are two good reasons to stanch the tide of junk mail in your life. But ...
    Posted to Five Alive (Weblog) by Romo on 07-02-2008
  • Waste Less Wednesday: Paying Attention to the Weather

    The other day the ambient air temperature in Tallahassee dropped to a pleasant sub-80s in the middle of the day--did you catch that? Well, upon walking in to the house, I noticed that not only was it cooler outside than inside, but the a/c was running. I realized, likewise, that it is nearly always under 80 out by the time we go to bed at night, ...
    Posted to Five Alive (Weblog) by Romo on 06-25-2008
  • Summer!

    It's almost time! At 8 tonight (Eastern Time) the North Pole will be closer to the sun than at any other time this year! Known as the Summer Solstice, this relative position of Earth to Sun heralds the official beginning of Summer. Of course, if you live here in Tallahassee, it seems like it already started and tonight is more of a symbol or ...
    Posted to Five Alive (Weblog) by Romo on 06-20-2008
  • Another Wednesday "Waste Less" Tip: Papertowels

    My co-worker was recently lamenting how many paper towels she goes through a day at work and decided to bring a cloth napkin to work with her. If only everyone would make that choice! But if you aren't ready to do without papertowels altogether, consider buying the type that are perforated into smaller "half sheet" sections. I, for ...
    Posted to Five Alive (Weblog) by Romo on 06-11-2008
  • Re: What Would Jesus Buy?

    Hmmm... Would Jesus use Netflix? I don't know, but my house mate has a subscription and I'm going to recommend he put this one it the queue. Thanks for the tip! 
    Posted to Documentary (Forum) by Romo on 06-04-2008
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