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  • The Large Hadron Collider

    Normal 0 21 The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is located a short distance from Geneva underneath a large circle of countryside and villages. This incredible work of engineering will be able to accelerate very large groups of protons (100 billion) at energies of close to a trillion electron volts, a new dimension in ...
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  • Trance

    July 18, 2008   Psychology and you   Trance   Many of us have often felt as if we removed ourselves mentally from our day-to-day surroundings, and caught ourselves starting off into space or in another world. These are small everyday instance of entering a mild trance state. Trance includes a variety of ...
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  • Stress second part

    Second part   In turn, another message that travels through nerves from the hypothalamus to the adrenal medulla created an active secretion of adrenaline. These hormones are responsible for the organic reaction throughout the body.   2. State resistance: when an indivual is subjected to prolonged factors such as the ...
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    July, 2008, psychology   Stress   The concept of stress goes back to the 1930s, when a young 20-years-old Austrian second year student of the school of medicine at the University of Prague, Hans Selye, the son of Austrian surgeon Hugo Selye, noted that all patients who studied, regardless of the disease itself, ...
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  • GOYA

    By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN There was a little orchestrated flurry of drama here at the Prado a few sweltering days ago when the museum staged a news conference to announce what was hardly news: that Colossus, the famous, much reproduced Goya painting of a giant terrifying a landscape, may not be a Goya after all. Experts had been questioning its ...
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  • Cartoons

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  • Re: The dollar’s globalization and outsourcing

     I like it is interesting it shows in a funny way some of the painful experiences people affected by the economy are going through 
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  • Cartoons

                                        Work Exploitation    Mr. Ball: I am getting old and so do you so who is going to take care of us in a few ...
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  • How to discipline your child

      Do you know how to discipline your small child when he misbehave? Lets assume that your child has bitten someone. Here is a simple, highly effective way of discouraging this behavior: Say to him: we do not bite. Say nothing more than this give no further description of the behavior, no explanation of what you are ...
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  • Yoga and wellbeing

    Psychology I practice every morning Yoga because I think it helps me attain peace and happiness through out the day. I recommend it to my patients as a form of exercise because it helps them develop inner feelings of wholeness and also their spiritual self and wellbeing.   Yoga is a practical subject. It gives ...
    Posted to Psychology and You (Weblog) by psychology on 04-21-2008
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