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  • 03-11-2009 4:38 PM

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    If you haven't seen Watchmen by now you've probably still been driven crazy by the massive exposure it has gotten on every media outlet. It's been everywhere the last few weeks -- from cable TV to graffiti on New York buildings. And if the sheer magnitude of the media blitz hasn't forced you into a theater to get it over with already then hopefully this post will do the trick.

    First, the Watchmen is (generally) agreed to be THE best graphic novel of all time. And there's very good reason for it to be. It was the first story to create an intense and engrossing universe from pseudo-history mixed in with heaping doses of morals, ethics and justice. The story builds itself with layers upon layers and explores all types of human emotion and philosophical questions: Capitalism vs. Communism, Black vs. White, Good vs. Evil, the needs of many vs. needs of few, etc.

    The story is about a group of super-heroes (of which, only one could be defined as such in the traditional sense) that have been forced into retirement due to a bill passed by President Nixon. Oh yes, it's a period piece, mostly taking place in the mid 80's (with President Nixon?). The history of Watchmen's world is mostly the same of ours, except things went a little screwy along the way. The Cold War became much more intense and Russia and the US have their fingers poised over the big red button.

    I'm giving this bit of backstory because there will be two types of people who see this movie. People who have read the graphic novel and know the settings and characters; and people who think they're buying a ticket to see a "superhero movie." For sake of triteness I will only address the latter group.

    THIS IS NOT A "SUPERHERO" MOVIE. I want to make sure that's clear. Sure, you'll see a DC logo at the beginning of this movie, but don't expect any boy scouts or brooding avengers who's only rule is to never kill another. Watchmen is about crazy people who like to dress up in outfits and kick ass. The criminals and the "good guys" are sometimes separated only by classification -- never by tactics. These are people with problems -- deep seeded issues -- that kept them awake at night until they put on a mask and some leather and physically assaulted some criminals.

    You will see more violence in Watchmen than any other film this year (most likely). This is also not a movie for kids. There are some very salacious sex scenes in it that make this film a hard R.

    Ok, now that all that is out of the way: go see this movie.

    I wanted to be upfront with you about what this movie is, what it contains and what to expect. My mother went to go see Sin City with no prior knowledge. Yeah, let's say I'm trying to avoid that same situation for those reading this.

    Watchmen walks the line of style and substance so tightly that it eventually blends the two into a homogenized puree. It's a brutal and grimy and nasty world portrayed on film. There's really nothing that immediately pops to mind to compare this movie to. I truly believe it to unlike anything you've ever seen. That's not to say it's without flaws. They are there and they are apparent, but you probably won't mind them. In fact, if this were a "perfect" movie it would be out of character with itself. Nothing in the Watchmen universe is perfect, so how could the movie be?

    I'll halt myself from going further on the change I'd accidentally spoil aspects of the movie. I'd very much like to discuss it with some people after they've seen it, so let me know your thoughts if you've watched it.

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    Re: Watchmen

    Sounds like this is one for my husband and his son.

  • 06-16-2009 12:28 PM In reply to

    Re: Watchmen

     I havn't seen The Watchmen yet. It looked like a good movie but I am not sure about it. I didn't hear much about it when it was out. That's usally how I judge what movies to see is how much I heard about it before seeing it. Though I love me some graphic novel and I am a big fan of violance. I was a big fan og Sin City when it came out I thought it was great the combination of the real world grim as you called it really comes through. Maybe I'll have to go and see what I am missing.

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