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Women’s Rights and the state of Kerala

Last post 08-21-2008 3:55 AM by paulcarson. 0 replies.
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  • 08-21-2008 3:55 AM

    Women’s Rights and the state of Kerala


    Linda: women’s rights these days around the world fluctuate considerably, there are some places where women are abused and enslave or even murdered for breaking some stupid social rule, meanwhile some progress has been made in other world regions

    Sophy: In what progress is concern there are places like the state of Kerala in India where women have access to education and free medical services provided by clinics that are part of the state health program. The results have been extraordinary with notable improvement in Kerala’s denizens quality of life. I should add that the state of Kerala is very large and poor. Their budget is rather small and they got such great over-all results with so little just by helping women get better education and health


    Linda: yes I like what has happened in Kerala I read a couple of articles by Amartya Sen who holds a Nobel Prize in economics and is concern with other aspects of this science, like quality of life instead of GNP results only

    Sophy: also the micro credit industry that started Muhammed Yunus, also a Nobel Prize winner, and the Bank of Grameen  in Bangladesh have too done great getting thousands of people out of  poverty because most of their clients are women


    Linda: that happens because we are responsible hard working and pay on time

    Sophy: lately something amazing has happened in India’s political system a woman by the name of Kumari Mayawati  a daughter of the untouchable’s class  won majority control of India’s largest state



    Linda: That’s great; and by the way how are you, John and the kids doing these days

    Sophy: well ok he doesn’t give me enough money to pay for the bills although he makes a hefty salary. However I manage to survive by working extra hours in my job; but I love him so everything is fine.


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