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Save the World

Last post 08-13-2008 4:55 PM by paulcarson. 0 replies.
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  • 08-13-2008 4:55 PM

    Save the World


    Maggie: Do you recall that less than two years ago Senator James Inhofe who was chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Work Committee thought that the global warming theory was a conspiracy of the scientific community to hurt the economy.

    Thank god that we have politicians like Nancy Pelosi that is against off shore drilling. Actually the issue of limits on off shore drilling is minor but unfortunately it can open the door to a much delicate and larger issue about environmental policy.


    Lila: yes and what is at stake after all is whether or not we are going to get involved and start doing something to stop climate change before is too late.



    Maggie: Scientist don’t know exactly how much world temperature will rise if we continue polluting the atmosphere the way we are, however some climate models suggest a 5 percent chance that it will raise 18 degrees Fahrenheit in a relatively short period of time.



    Lila: a change of that magnitude will destroy the earth although even a smaller change could end up being catastrophic. At the end world economies will end up been devastated so is obvious that if we care about the future of the economy and about our lives we should do something now.

    We definitely need a Green President 






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