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Hauling from Ebasez

Last post 06-24-2008 10:06 AM by Altair. 1 replies.
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  • 06-24-2008 9:50 AM

    • Jubei
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    Hauling from Ebasez

     I'll post a copy of the email I sent in game first.

    I've been mining Kernite in Ebasez for a few days now, and it has very rich Kernite feilds (about 20 Kernite roids per feild with another 10 or so Lum/Fiery) with very few miners. I've only run into one other miner in my 4 or 5 days here. i can only clear 3 or 4 feilds before they respawn.  the only problem is that it is 2 jumps away from Agal.  i've been hauling the stuff myself at 11k m3 per run, but I was wondering if there were any other haulers willing to run my ore for me.  I'm willing to pay 50k ISK per 10K m3 run if anyone is interested in hauling for me (33% of market price of the ore.) All of the ore hauled willl go into the corp hanger.  I'm willing to do contracts on smaller or larger amounts or ore, I just want to know if there is any interest in hauling for me from Ebasez.  I am also ready whenever you want to do some group mining. Thanks guys.

     I pretty much moved my mining operations to Ebasez when I was running missions from the NPC corp that owns our station, and I've just kinda stayed there.  I figure I will pay the hauling cost out of my pocket, because I will get paid for the ore by the corp (Alt) anyway, and I'm offering a better rate on hauling because it is a little further away, and I'll report all the ore myself.  I really don't like running ore 2 jumps, but it makes money.  Basicly I'm lazy, haha.  I'd rather just mine the stuff and have someone else haul it. Just wondering if there was any interest in this type of thing.



  • 06-24-2008 10:06 AM In reply to

    Re: Hauling from Ebasez

    Hey Jubei, we have been noticing the extremely good prices on raw Kernite purchased in the Agal station as well. You might be interested to know that there is another system just 1 jump away from our base with just as much Kernite. It's not a huge improvement, but it saves a lot of time to not have to cross a whole solar system to dump the ore. Also we're not sure how long these Kernite prices will last since they seem to be going on a downward trend.

    I'm definitely up for doing some group mining with you to cash in on what we can before prices drop again. I'll let you know when I'm available. I'm sometimes free around 7-9 PM EST. I also usually play a bit of EVE during my lunch break which I usually take around 12-1 or 1-2 PM.

    We should be scheduling some active corp mining groups soon, so keep an eye on the forums.

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