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My Michael Vick letter

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  • 08-18-2009 3:15 PM

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    My Michael Vick letter

    I am sickened, saddened, and furious to find that one can commit multiple acts of murder and walk away paying a light sentence of only a few months, and then be allowed the privilege of playing professional ball again. What kind of message does that send to the youth of world? Michael Vick tortured and mercilessly took the lives of many. 

    Some people are saying "Doesn't he deserve a seconds chance?". The answer is NO. Did the precious dogs he so brutally tortured and murdered for "fun and excitement" (as he put it in his "60 Minutes" interview) get a second chance at life? Did Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer get a second chance at freedom after murdering their victims?

    Those precious souls entered the earth to be greeted by a monster, never to know love; only pain, suffering and certain death. Dogs are one of God's most intelligent ,emotional, loving, loyal,innocent and trusting of creatures, yet Michael Vick thought it "fun and exciting" to beat, torture, drown, electrocute, and shoot these precious souls.

     Anyone who can get pleasure from these types of horrendous acts is incapable of feeling empathy or remorse, and is nothing but a soulless sociopath. Just because he was given a ridiculously light sentence by an ignorant judge, does NOT mean he has "served his time".

    Michael Vick at the very least should be living behind bars for the rest of his life. If we lived in a FAIR world he would be tortured, drowned, electrocuted, and shot just as he did to the countless animals he murdered.

    It amazes me that the voices of horrified and enraged millions like myself are going unheard. Everyone I speak to hates this man passionately, as I do, yet he is somehow signed to play ball again (by a team that obviously has no moral compliance). 

    I can only pray that justice be done in Gods timing and Michael Vick will pay for his actions in this lifetime. He will not escape the punishment he deserves.

    He will spend eternity in hell experiencing every cruel act he committed against each of the precious lives that he took. I am left feeling powerless (as millions of others), and haunted by the images of horror his victims suffered. I hate Michael Vick with every fiber of my being, and I pray he burn in hell for eternity.

    There is no forgiveness for evil of this kind.


    Jackie Artecona

  • 08-19-2009 12:26 PM In reply to

    Re: My Michael Vick letter

     I got one question for you do you believe in capital punishment?

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