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What Would Jesus Buy?

Last post 12-26-2008 11:08 AM by Raikus. 4 replies.
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  • 06-02-2008 1:10 PM

    What Would Jesus Buy?

    I watched a great documentary this weekend called "What Would Jesus Buy?" The "Reverend Billy" with the Church of Stop Shopping goes on tour around the country with a choir preaching against the commercialization of Christmas and the focus of attention on expensive gift-giving. Everywhere he went, he recommended giving a gift of love, spending time with loved ones, etc, instead of store-bought gifts (which he also pointed out were probably made in China). The interviews he did with regular people on the street were shocking. They equated getting an expensive gift with being loved. Parents were buying everything their children wanted for Christmas even if it took them 9 months to pay off the debts.

    May you live every day of your life.
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    • Romo
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    Re: What Would Jesus Buy?

    Hmmm... Would Jesus use Netflix? I don't know, but my house mate has a subscription and I'm going to recommend he put this one it the queue. Thanks for the tip! 

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    • Cae
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    Re: What Would Jesus Buy?

    Wow, now there's a concept! Giving the gift of time and love, instead of "stuff 'n things". Have you ever actually listened to the words in most Christmas carols? Many of them talk of spending time with friends and family around a warm hearth, enjoying good food together, etc. I don't remember singing about how Wal Mart or Macy's profitted this year! Of course, most of these carols were written when people didn't have much. Sure, gift-giving is great when it's from the heart. But what a great message to get out of the commercialized rut we've been in.

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    • mike
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    Re: What Would Jesus Buy?

    Commercialized? America? I don't know what you're talking about.... And my favorite Christmas Carol will always be:

    "You can't wrap hope

    You can't wrap happiness

    You can't wrap Embarq 19.95 a month for as long as you have the service...." 

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    • Raikus
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    Re: What Would Jesus Buy?

    We're a consumer based nation. We buy stuff. I don't think the problem is with how much we buy, but how we distribute it. For instance, my daughter just received a metric ton of toys and outfits for Christmas. We, as a family, give each other way, way, way to much. So I'm starting a new Christmas tradition. We each pick two presents and we go out Christmas day and find people that would enjoy them. I think it's important for my daughter to learn about giving at an early age. All she's done is receive and it has been going to her head. This way, she learns a little about sacrifice and giving to those that are less fortunate.

    Hopefully it will take.

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