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Windows Shortcuts

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  • 05-02-2008 5:02 PM

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    Windows Shortcuts

    There are a few shortcuts that Windows has built in that save me a huge amount of time during my work day. While they may only save me a few seconds each time, those seconds add up when I'm doing an action a few hundred times a day on the job. So here's a couple of the most useful ones.

    Copy/Paste: The first set allows you to cut/copy/paste just about any text from just about anywhere you can highlight it. The right click function doesn't always work but these quick keystrokes almost always will. 

    Copy: Ctrl+C
    Cut: Ctrl+X
    Paste: Ctrl+V 

    Switch Windows: I have to switch windows constantly and all that moving the mouse takes a lot of time and concentration. I like to eliminate this with a quick keystroke. Alt+Tab will immediately jump to the last window you were using. If you hold down Alt, it will show a little box with the icons for the windows you have open. You can press Tab to toggle through these until you find the window you want. This is also very useful if your mouse ever breaks down.

    These may not seem too helpful at first, but if you practice them and get your fingers used to the keystrokes, they will save you huge amounts of time over the course of your career.

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