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BlackBerry users boring.

Last post 03-21-2008 4:33 PM by mike. 1 replies.
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  • 03-21-2008 3:24 PM

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    BlackBerry users boring.

    Even though its just six months old, the Apple iPhone is a major driver of mobile Web consumption, while traditional smartphone users remain focused primarily just on e-mail and messaging.

    According to the M:Metrics January Benchmark Survey 85 percent of iPhone users accessed online information that month, compared with 58.2 percent of the wider smartphone market.

    Plus, nearly 60 percent of iPhone users conducted online searches, with only 37 percent of smartphone users accessing Web search.

    While demographics of the two user groups are very similar, the results show that iPhone owners want more online entertainment and social engagement than users of the BlackBerry and other smartphones. This is why you will find more “cool” “non-boring” people using the iPhone.

    M:Metrics, which has been analyzing smartphone use on a monthly basis since 2005, defines smartphones as devices running on Windows, Symbian, Research In Motion (RIM) or Apple OS. In 2005, 2.9 million people owned a smartphone, according to the Seattle-based firm research firm. Today there are 14.3 million smartphone users, and about 12 million are RIM BlackBerry devotees. Its time for Apple to move heavily into those numbers now enjoyed by RIM.

    Now just because iPhone users access more entertainment and social data, does not exclude them from using the device for work-related needs. In January, 43.2 percent accessed work e-mail, according to Seamus McAteer, senior analyst for m:Metrics. That statistic indicates Apple's device is headed for the enterprise, he said in an e-mail to

    "The iPhone will definitely compete as an enterprise device once it is open to third-party developers who will devise sync technology for [Microsoft's] Exchange," McAteer said.

    "The BlackBerry was not pushed by IT," he added. "It snuck in the back door, and the IT department added support and then promoted it. The same thing will undoubtedly happen with other popular smartphones, particularly in segments where Apple has a following such as in education and creative enterprises."

    This is a given that the iPhone will have very little technical resistance to enter the educational and business enterprise markets.

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    Re: BlackBerry users boring.

    I have a feeling these statistics will be changing a lot when the iPhone is inundated with huge amounts of useful applications. It may be ahead now, but I doubt Blackberries will even be considered a competitor when iPhones really hit their stride. They will suddenly be appealing to boring users as well as the fun ones. I can't see blackberries holding on much longer when their down to business nature is compared with the infinite possibilities of the iPhone.
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