I Love Facebook's New Profile Look and Timeline Feature from F8

Published Thursday, September 22, 2011 2:43 PM

At Facebook's F8 conference today they have revealed what the new profile will look like. I for one love it. They call the main new feature timeline and allows you browse a summarization of someones profile that shows most important items over time. It comes with a slider bar in the top right that allows you to view them from year to year. The older the items the fewer of them they show making going through years of posts possible. The video below is all about timeline, so check it out. 

The Timeline is really a place for you to curate your profile and show what's important to you. The new focus on apps allows you to add items to your timeline that help describe who you are. Adding the Netflix app to your timeline allows friends to see what movies and TV shows you are watching on Netflix without you having to manually share items to your profile. Apps added to your timeline are like a real time connection to the service or website. This makes the service or website instantly social, sharing with your friends on Facebook automatically without the need for a share buttons and without spamming friends with updates.

I think the new features are great and I love that you no longer need a like button on your site to get people to post articles on Facebook. You have an app that people can add to their timeline and when they read articles on your website it shows on their profile. Simple and much more efficient and less annoying.  

For more information on the changes coming to Facebook see the F8 video. For more on Timeline see the page here

Update 09/23/2011 10:58

If you want the new profile and timeline feature now here's how.

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