Create and Manage Digital Business Cards on iOS

Published Monday, September 19, 2011 2:55 PM

The business card is such an unusual thing in the new technological age. When someone gave you their business card 20 years ago you would either put their info in your address book or file it in a business card book of some sort to keep their information just in case you needed it later. Now we struggle with how you get someone's business card information onto your phone where most people want it anyway.

When someone hands me a business card my first thought is can't you just send it that to me? So why don't more people have digital business cards that allow use to exchange contact information where it ends up anyway, on our phones. CardFlick is a new digital business card startup and even though it has a lot of improving to do it's shaping up to be a pretty cool service.

CardFlick is a slick and simple web 2.0 digital business card application. It allows you to create and share business cards between iPhones or by email. Your card and the cards you receive are stored on the phone and give you the ability to create a new contact or add the information to an exciting contact already on your phone. The best part is all the information stored on the cards is dynamic so if you change your email, or phone number all the cards you gave out will automatically update with your new information so they will always be up to date.  

CardFlick does a great job at creating slick and cool looking business cards with several themes to choose from. Filling the card with information is easy and the picture icon is a nice touch to personalize your card. Sending a card is as simple as selecting the flick tab and swiping upwards. Viewing contact cards and storing their information to your address book can't be simpler. Sending by email not only sends an image of your card but a contact file that can be opened by applications such as Outlook or Apple Address Book just to name a couple.

The app lacks a lot of refinements and features that I'm sure the service will add as they grow and mature from their current infancy. The biggest drawback is it's inability to add multiple email and phone numbers. You are only allowed to add one phone number and email which most people would want to at least enter a work and cell number but CardFlick doesn't allow it. You can't add a company logo or custom background or template which would be nice considering there are only like 15 templates to choose from. It would also be nice to add the ability to create multiple cards perhaps a business card and a personal card with different sets of information on them.

The app is free so go and check it out. - CardFlick
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