Youtube Gives Live Streaming a Try!

Published Monday, September 13, 2010 11:58 AM
It seems YouTube is pulling out all the stops, first free and rent-able movies and now YouTube is testing live streaming with some of it's Partners, Howcast, Next New Networks (Barely Political), Rocketboom and Young Hollywood. Live streaming web shows are not anything new. In fact they are pretty popular over at Ustream, web streaming service for pretty much anyone with a computer and webcam.

YouTube is testing out the platform for the next two days and depending on how well the testing goes will be rolling out the features to it's partners worldwide. No telling just yet if the feature will make it to every YouTube user or if it's just going to be available to YouTube partners. They have a live schedule setup for the next two days which you can view below.

It should be interesting to see if YouTube is able to get real broadcasters on board like actual TV shows, news, music, etc. If they were able to do that it could mean big things for YouTube!

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