Google Instant - Results as you type

Published Thursday, September 9, 2010 12:19 PM

Google released an interesting feature this morning called Google Instant. It's an enhancement to the Google search engine. It allows you to see search results as you type saving you time. According to Google people take on average 300 milliseconds between key strokes and only 30 milliseconds to glance at another part of a page. Giving you the ability to type and scan the search results at the same time.

Google instant saves you on average 2-5 seconds per search. Google instant also has a smarter prediction algorithm that provides the top 10 best predictions of what you are searching for also saving you time. With Google instant you you can scan the results as you type allowing you to change your search terms all without hitting return.

If you want to give Google Instant a try just enable it in your preferences, or go here
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