Posterous now Imports from Blogger

Published Tuesday, July 6, 2010 1:42 PM

Posterous, one of the fastest growing blog platforms, can now import your Blogger blog. Posterous is a free web based blogging platform that has grown more than 700% in the last year. It'a ability to autopost to several popular websites and platforms as well as its email posting capability is what make it a great blog engine that is growing fast.

I have been using Posterous for a while now, using it to post iphone pics that are autoposted to my Facebook page. It's as simple as sending the image in an email and Posterous takes care of the rest.  

There have been several sites not happy about Posterous allowing users to import their posts from their sites. Though I don't think Google, who owns blogger, is going to put up much of a fuss. They are such a large community that they will see little to no effect in the long run.

This is a great feature for Posterous to have, because the major thing preventing someone from switching from a blog site is that all their content is stored on their other blog. This is for sure going to drive up the number of users on Posterous and we are sure to see good things from them in the future.

Posterous Importer
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