NinjaCam for iPhone – Take picture without people knowing!

Published Tuesday, June 8, 2010 2:38 PM

I am not sure if this app is going to be used to do much good, but it allows you to take photos without anyone being the wiser. Let's say for example you want to take a picture of funny looking person on the bus. You don't want the people behind you thinking you are some kind of weirdo who takes random pictures of people. So, what do you do? Launch NinjaCam which presents you with a screen of innocent looking text that looks like some generic app. When you touch anywhere on the screen it snaps a photo without changing anything on the screen. The phone will vibrate to let you know the picture has been saved.

It's also handy for taking pictures in museums and other place where photos are not allowed. If anyone gives you are hard time just flip your phone over and explain to them that you were just reading something on your phone. It's a pretty sweet app and will only cost you $1.99, and it could spare you from a good deal of uncomfortable public situations.

$1.99 NinjaCam @ App Store
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