Exit Path – Have time for a Flash Game? Try this one!

Published Friday, June 4, 2010 4:17 PM

I don't always have time to play the millions of flash games out there, but if I did I perhaps would play this one at least until I beat it. This game is made by Armor Games who tends to make great flash game. Exit Path features a little running man that has to avoid many obstacles in his quest to make it out of the game alive.

The little running man can run and jump was well as slide. You have another move called “flow” which allows to burst forward and bridge large gaps.  You need to charge your flow by running for a particular period of time before hitting the spacebar to activate it. You need to master all of the running man's moves if you are going to survive.

The game also features teleports, lasers, circular saw blades, swinging axes of death, among other dangers things, all trying to kill you and prevent you from escaping. The game play is a lot of fun with unlimited lives to give you as many chances as you need to figure out how to beat the dangers in each level.

So if you have time to sit down and waste some time then I would suggest this game, it's fun and sure to pass or waste your time.

Exit Path - VIA Download Squad
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