PlayOn - Moving to a Premium Service with Hulu and other Internet Video Sites

Published Thursday, May 6, 2010 12:36 PM

Playon, a PC application that streams Internet videos to your TV, is adding content to their to their service and bumping up the price. PlayOn seems to be the only reliable way to stream internet videos from places like Hulu, Netflix, CBS, YouTube and others right to your TV via a Xbox, PS3, Wii, and other devices. The software the runs on your PC and creates a server that can be accessed and played through your device. The application use to be a one time $20 fee, but PlayOn has added some more content allowing you to stream shows from Comedy Central channel, along with NHL, and PBS. These channels are in addition to the ones they already have.

PlayOn is trying to sell the software for $39 and then a $19 annual fee to keep using the software. The new premium service takes effect May 15th, but if you already have PlayOn you will not be forced to upgrade to the premium service. So if you want to use PlayOn without paying annually for it now would be the time to get the basic service before the premium service isn't an option.

I was writing about Hulu and their Hulu Plus service, and this is what they need to get that off the ground. They need software or hardware that can stream their shows right to your TV making it a Netflix Instant Watch, but for Hulu content. They need to come out with their own free Hulu channel for Xbox or do a network streaming application that can be streamed by Wii, Xbox, and PS3. That would make their Hulu Plus option a pretty temping one.  

The problem I see with PlayOn is that, I at least, wouldn't pay for software that can stream internet videos like a computer for $19 a year. I would just buy a computer to connect it to the TV. After a while a nettop box would pay for itself. You can get all their content for free you just need a way of viewing it on your TV. If PlayOn had content that you couldn't get for free it would be a different story.

All in all it's about convenience and PlayOn is pretty convenient. It works with a devices you already have and know how to use. It can stream internet video content probably better than any other so if that's what you want and need PlayOn is the place for you.

PlayOn Website
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