Steam and Valve Games come to Mac on May 12!

Published Monday, May 3, 2010 12:03 PM

So mark the calenders because Steam and Valve game titles are coming to Mac on May 12th !  Several weeks ago the news broke that Steam, a popular PC gaming service, was coming to Mac. As the news broke we discovered that original Steam and Valve titles like Team Fortress, Half Life, and games like Left 4 Dead would all be ported over to Mac. This is of course was big news for Mac users because they will finally have a real gaming platform to purchase, play online, and interact in a real gaming community.

So it seems Valve set the date of the release at May 12th and the most likely titles to be available at launch will be Team Fortress and Half Life. Left 4 Dead is supposed to come to Mac as well but I would be shocked if it was ready at release. Steam has also announced something called Steam Play which will allow you to save games and restart them from either your Mac or PC. There is a rumor going around as well that Mac and PC gamers will be on the same servers and allowed to play together which would be amazing. They will have the same lobbies and server browser system which will allow them to play together. I don't know if that is true but will be a lot of fun if it's true.

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