LALA Music Streaming Service Shutting Down! My Predictions Concerning Cloud Bases iTunes!

Published Friday, April 30, 2010 2:06 PM

So I went to this morning to listen to a band I had never heard of and they had this message up that LaLa is going to be shutting down. They are no longer going to be accepting any more users and people who already have a LaLa account can use the service until the end of the month.

Apple bought LALA last year and everyone is assuming they are going to turn iTunes into a cloud based music service. I assume the new iTunes will be a cross between what iTunes is now and what LaLa was. The main differences between LaLa and iTunes music store is the ability to listen to any song all the way though once, and the ability to purchase songs for online playing only. Instead of paying $.99 for a song you could pay $.10 - $.15 for a song and play it as many times as you want but only online. I would love to see Apple allow you load the music onto your iPhone,iPad, and iPod Touch, much like the music service Rapsody does for other devices.

This could be really cool to say the least! If they allow you to purchase songs for less and still give you the ability to store or oven stream them from your idevices that would be really cool. I am sort of against the whole purchase without owning idea, but for some types of music I wouldn't mind it. Perhaps current pop songs that you listen to for a couple of weeks and then forget about.

All of that is just speculation on my part, Apple has not announced anything to reflect this at all. This is simply what I think Apple should do and perhaps might do. The end of LaLa comes at an interesting time as WWDC is on June 7 just a week after LaLa goes offline. So people are starting to say that cloud based iTunes might be announced then. We will have to wait and see!

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