Payvment – Could Facebook be the New Web Market Place

Published Monday, April 26, 2010 1:19 PM

It's interesting to see web commerce sites start to include social networking elements and other social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook, to their web stores. Their hope is that the connection will engage their customers and bring in new customers as well. Well what about bringing web commerce to social networking sites. It's an interesting concept and Payvment is at the forefront as far as Facebook is concerned.

Payvment allows you add a storefront to your Facebook page. You can add unlimited store items that can be added to a cart and purchased via Paypal. The setup couldn't be simpler and Payvment shopping cart web service allows customers items to float between shopping carts in the same network. So if someone leaves items in their cart on Facebook they will also be in their cart on your website if you use their system there. Payvment also just added a feature that allows you to give discounts to your Facebook page fans. So people can become a fan of your page and get discounts on your products. It's like a member only discount card but for your Facebook Pages.

It's an interesting concept to say the least. The idea that you can market to almost 400 Million people is a very good one. There are some hurdles in the way of the idea taking off. For starters finding products on Facebook isn't easy. You can search through products on the storefront as well as the Payvment page but it's not very effective. The other major hurdle is that people don't look for products and don't purchase products on Facebook. It's going to take some time to get people use to looking for and purchasing items on Facebook.

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