Make your Own Freezer Packs on the Cheap

Published Wednesday, April 14, 2010 12:23 PM

You know those little blue freezer packs that you put in your lunch box to keep your food cold until it's time to consume? They are kind of on the expensive side and did you know that there is a cheap way to make those at home for pretty cheap.

The process couldn't be easier! All you you have to do is put some dish soap into a plastic bag, and add your desired foot coloring and your done. You can then freeze the bag and put it in your lunch box and you're good to go. To prevent leaks you might want to double bag your solution or use a vacuum sealed bag if you have the equipment.

This is great because you can make a freezer pack in just about any size. You can make small ones, huge ones,  and ever oddly shaped ones. You can go to the dollar store and see if you can't pickup a bunch of dish soup for really cheap, that way you can save some money on grocery store soap prices.

 Make your Own Lunch Box Ice Packs
VIA LifeHacker
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