Opera Mini submitted to Apple App Store for Review

Published Tuesday, March 23, 2010 3:46 PM

I wrote last month that Opera is making a browser for the iPhone. The browser named Opera mini has been submitted to the app store as of this afternoon. Now there is no telling how long or if the application will make it to the app store but we can only hope Apple doesn't reject the app.

Opera mini is supposed to be 6 times faster than safari and have 10 times smaller data traffic. What makes opera mini so much faster is it's server side compression that will compress the pages before sending them to the phone. The Opera mini browser will allow you to sync your bookmarks with other Opera web browsers and offer in page searching, something safari doesn't have. Opera mini will also remember the state of the browser and tab placement so when it's reopened everything is how you left.

CEO Jon von Tetzchner doesn't think the app will get rejected because it doesn't execute any code outside of the SDK, which is one of the major things that will get your app rejected quickly. They might have to worry about the duplicate feature clause because the iPhone already has a browser, but apparently there have already been other browsers in the app store before so I guess we will just have to wait and see.

The video of the app on Gizmodo is done on the edge network to show you the speed. The Edge network is pretty slow and considering how fast the pages load I am very impressed. We shall see if the app lives up to the hype when and if it reaches the app store.

The image above is from Opera's website they are counting how long it take Apple to Approve their app. Should be interesting to see how high it goes. 

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