Google Maps Now Helps you Plan your Bike Route

Published Wednesday, March 10, 2010 1:51 PM

This has got to one of the most requested features of Google Maps, a full functioning bike layer for the popular Google Maps online map program. The Layer allows you to get directions to and from locations using bike friendly roads and bike trails. You can turn on the bike layer under the more menu and explore your local area for bike friendly streets and bike trails.  

The ability to find and plan a bike routes on biker friendly roads comes in handy for the export and novice cyclist. I am not an avid biker but sometimes I like to take the old bike out for a ride and it's nice to know what roads near me have bike lanes or bike trails.  

After checking out the new Google Maps new layer I discovered that there were a lot of cyclist friendly roads in my area. I even found a bike trail not far from my house. I was really excited and now I want to plan some routes and get out there and do them

Checkout the new Layer at Google Maps

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