Steam Rumored to come to Mac

Published Monday, March 8, 2010 12:39 PM

Steam, a popular online gaming website and platform, might be coming to Mac. Steam is a website where you can download and play all of Steams releases. You can join the steam community, and play and chat with friends, create and join matches all on steams dedicated servers. The rumor of Steam coming to Mac all started when a beta version of the Steam client had files in it for a Mac version. These files were mostly just icons and such that looked liked like Mac icons and had “osx” in the name. Pretty convincing evidence if you ask me.

Other than the Mac looking files it looks like the steam client has changed it;s stores rendering engine to Webkit, which is used in Safari, the Mac, and the iphone. So with all this evidence it's only a matter of time before we see an actual official announcement on the subject.

This could be huge for Mac users that want that Windows gaming experience without duel booting their computers. The only question is which titles will be available for Mac. It might be asking too much to have all their titles ported over to the Mac, but I think there will be at least a handful of them that will make it. Perhaps after it catches on we will see all future releases from Steam come to the Mac.

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