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Published Friday, February 19, 2010 1:48 PM

Winx DVD is a DVD ripping program that can rip and convert DVD's to videos files much like what Handbreak does. You might be thinking, “why pay for a program when I can already do that for free?” Well the answer is because WinX DVD can rip movies that Handbreak can not.

DVD's, now-a-days, come with two main security encodings. The old security encoding is easily ripped by the likes of Handbreak, Mac the ripper, and other Windows programs of the like. The only problem is that more and more movies are using the new security structure that gives most DVD ripping programs a problem. So you have to get a newer program that can handle the new security measures taken by most of Sony's DVDs and Pixar movies. If you have ever tried to rip a Sony or Pixar movie you would know that ripping or, “backing it up” as some like to call it, isn't easy.

This is where a program like Winx DVD comes in handy. The program works much like Handbreak and has a lot of the same features. You can convert a DVD to AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, FLV, and MOV. Each of the video formats has a full set of audio and Video options to allow you to change things like the video size and quality.

Winx DVD also has presets much like Handbreak does that allows you to select a device and WinX will encode the video to fit that devices formatting requirements. You have preset in Winx that will fit the encoding requirements for an iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, 3GP, and Zune. All these presets make encoding video for a device quick and simple with little to no knowledge of the settings needed for each device.     

How to Use Winx DVD Ripper

To use Winx DVD you select the DVD you want to rip and then select the DVD title you want to convert by checking the box next the the title. It's usually easy to find the movie because it's the title that has the longest run time. You then click on the format you want to rip to and hit the Start button it's that easy.

Winx DVD Praises

Winx does some things very well. It can encode those pesky DVD that others just can't work with which is huge. It also is relatively easy to use and the setting are easy to understand and change. The encoding is fast and the quality is pretty good.  

My Criticisms of Winx DVD

There were a couple things that bother me about Winx. The first thing is it does not select the movie title for you when you open a dvd to be ripped. You have to figure out what title the movie is on. Normally this is not that big of a deal because the longest title is often the one the movie is on. However, I tested  WinX DVD out with the movie Star Trek because I new it used the new security measures. WinX showed several titles over 2 hours and I didn't know which on to pick. It turns out it didn't matter since I assume the software is smart enough to put the pieces together. The Movie came out just fine no matter which 2 hour title I chose.

The other criticisms I had was that there is now way to define what size you want the file to be and have the other setting adjust to make that happen. That is one of my favorite features of Handbreak because I can tell it how big I want the file to be and it makes it happen.

All and all Winx DVD is a great program and can meet all your DVD converting needs. Check out their website and let me know what you think in the comments.

Winx DVD Website

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