Slink – Take your Home Network Anywhere – Mac Only

Published Wednesday, February 17, 2010 1:27 PM

Slink is an application that allows you to gain access to your home network and Bonjour applications on your home network from anywhere. The best part about the application is that you don't need to be a network wizard to get it to work. You just install a Preference Pane app on the host computer and then the Slink app on the remote computer and your done. Slink provides you with a Slink ID that points to your home computer and provides you with access. Your login is required for access so not just anyone can get to your network.

Slink uses NAT-PMP or UpnP to map a port through your router so you will not need to mess with your router settings to make this application work. Slink establishes a ssh encrypted tunnel between you and the home computer so the data is protected. The best part about this app is that it allows Finder, iTunes, iPhoto and other Bonjour aware applications to automatically show shared itunes libraries, files, and photos. You don't need to use an application to view your networked files you can do it right in the finder just like you were at home.

Slink is a free application and is currently in beta. Go pick it up and try it out.

Slink access your home network from anywhere

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