YouTube integrated HTML5 so you can say goodbye to Flash

Published Friday, January 22, 2010 1:11 PM


Flash is a great plugin and allows you to do all kind great things on the web, but it doesn't always play nice with your browser or operating system. I have always had little Flash problems with my Mac where this Flash app or that one doesn't work properly. YouTube in now testing out HTML5 code standards on Youtube. If you have a browser that is supported you can watch videos without Flash, which is huge for Linux users where Flash never really worked that well to begin with.

If you want to try YouTube with HTML5 video you have to have Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame installed. I am sure that Firefox will be add to this list soon considering the new 3.6 added HTML 5 Support. To join the HTML5 Beta all you have to do is go here, and click on the “Join the HTML5 Beta” link. Once you do all videos that have HTML5 support will play using HTML5 and not Flash. Videos that don't have the support will default to the Flash player.

The HTML5 video is supposedly faster with fewer video stalls and jumps. I tested it out with Google Chrome and it worked pretty well. The videos did seem to load faster and I didn't see any video skips or pauses, that could be because the video quality is less than awesome. You can't at this point watch videos in full screen either like you could with the Flash plugin, but you can open the video in a window and make the window full screen and watch it that way.

Check it out HTML5 video is not awesome yet but I think it's a good option for people with slow computers or people who have computers that don't get a long with Flash.

 Youtube HTML5 Beta

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