FireFox 3.6 is out – It's Faster and now has skins you can add to your browser

Published Friday, January 22, 2010 11:32 AM


Firefox is 3.6 is out and according to Mozilla is 25% faster than the last version. They added a bunch of new and exciting features like that of “personas” which allows you to apply a skin to your browser with a single click. It doesn't change the theme of your browser just the background images under the theme.

It seems to me like the persona feature for less tech savvy people who want the Twilight guys or Harry Potter on their browser, but I found some that were less distracting and pretty cool. You can add a persona to FireFox by going to

Other Features

Firefox also add a plugin manager that will detect when your plugin is out of date. This will help keep people safe from security concerns with up to date plugins. Firefox has also integrated support for the new HTML 5 specifications. Firefox now supports the following in HTML 5: audio and video, File API for local file handling, font support like Web Open Font Format (WOFF), CSS gradients, and device orientation.

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