Butane Mini Launcher – The Noisy Cricket of the Spud Gun

Published Wednesday, January 20, 2010 1:58 PM


I have always loved making spud guns, potato cannons, tennis ball mortars, or anything that shoot anything but I have not really had the opportunity to live somewhere where firing them would be okay. I currently live in an apartment complex and can't really run around shooting projectiles everywhere. I am sure there is something a little bit illegal about them anyway and don't feel like getting into trouble because of a concerned neighbor.

Having said that this little Instructable by Kipkay is pretty cool and made me think why hadn't I thought of that. Why not make a mini butane shooter, like a mini spud gun. It works on the same principals and an electric lighter has everything you need to make it work, an ignition source and fuel.

All that is left for you to do is to figure out a way to make the lighter spark inside the chamber and a way to get the fuel in there effectively. Add a barrel that is the width or your desired projectile and your done. In the introduction of the instructable Kipkay lists a bunch of different projects that gave him the idea that inspired his version. Those are worth you taking a look at because there are many different ways to make something like this.

Have fun with your Butane Mini Gun and be careful with that thing. If you like stuff like this and haven't been to KipKay's Youtube page you should most definitely should check it out.
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