Find the Better Movies on Netflix Instant Watch

Published Friday, January 15, 2010 11:28 AM


Netflix's Instant Watch feature has really taken off and is available on several devices that include DVD players, Game consoles and standalone player like the Roku. So just about anyone can afford a device that can play Netflix right on their TV. Once you have the equipment all you need to do is fill that instant watch queue up with movies to watch on demand. Netflix's website is a good place to start but  it leaves something to be desired when browsing for movies to add to your queue. Many of the movies that came out on instant watch a while ago get pushed to the back making them hard to find. There isn't a list of the most popular movies in the instant watch section at all. The only sign a movie is any good is the Netflix rating, which is not that accurate in my opinion.   

I discovered a site called that helps you find movies to add to your instant queue. The front page has a large list off the newest and most popular movies available on instant watch in each of the genres. This make it easy to find some of the best movies available through instant watch.  The homepage also includes a list of instant watch movies on the New York Times critics' picks list as well as categorizations into subgenres and release dates for all the movies.

Instantwatcher also provides you with the standard information about the movie as well as the Rotten Tomatoes rating, Netflix Rating, as well as links to IMDB, Netflix page, Wikipedia, and web reviews for each and every movie on the site. This in my opinion helps you make a good decision whether or not to add the movie to your queue.

If you find a movie you want to add to your queue or play right now you can do so right from instantwatcher. Once signed into Netflix all you have to do to watch a movie or add a movie to your queue is hit the play or Queue button next the the movie's box cover. It's that simple, and I have found that instantwatcher has helped me find some great movies that I wouldn't have added to my queue otherwise.

Checkout and enjoy Netflix's Instant Watch even more!
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