Defriended – Find out who has defriended you on Facebook using your iPhone!

Published Thursday, January 14, 2010 12:03 PM


Ever wonder which of your so called friends are unfriending or defriending you on facebook? I know I have and I have thing about rejection, I don't like it. Facebook doesn't inform you when someone defriends you because they don't want people to get frustrated and upset when it happens. Well thats just hogwash I want to know when someone defriends me. Enter in Defriended an iPhone application that records all your Facebook friends and every time you open the app it checks your current list to the one from the last check and shows you the people who have removed you.

Oh this could be fun, almost as much fun as getting a tweet from someone trying to remove their subscription to my twitter account. Oh yeah that happened to me, one of my friends tried to remove their sms updates to their phone via sms and did it wrong and it send me a message that just said “OFF”. LOL all in good fun Hunter, I still love you ;).

It would be nice to see who is defriending me that way you can send them a message asking them why they did it. You can make it all awkward with them thinking it was going to be done all quietly. HAHA not to me I will find you and make you tell me why! I take my Facebook friends seriously as you can tell, haha not really it's all in good fun.

Find out who has Removed you as a friend on Facebook using Defriended $.99 on the App Store     
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