Must Have Mac Applications – From Beginner to Power User the Apps you Need and Want!

Published Monday, January 11, 2010 3:45 PM

I just thought I would make a list of some of my favorite Mac applications. Some of them are very basic and people don't know that much about computers and some are for the “Power User” someone who can hold their own in a computer discussion.

The Basics

– You have got to get FireFox it has the best plugins and is really stable. Safari is nice but not as good as FireFox. So get it now.

Songbird – Don't like iTunes try songbird it's like FireFox and iTunes had a child. -

Burn – You need something to burn media to disc with yeah? Burn is free and works like a charm. -

Roxio Toast – For people who want a pretty app with more features than burn. It's a great application but it is not free however. -

OpenOffice – a great free office suit that can read Word documents and create them. It's awesome on it's own and I am using it right now ;). -

Microsoft Office – Yes it is nice to have the actual Office Suite. There will be times you will need it to open documents that are formatted is specific ways. -

Tweetie and Tweetdeck – Two Awesome Twitter clients for Mac. They both are free or at least have free versions. Tweetie is a little bit more compact which I like, but Tweetdeck is way more comprehensive. -

Some Mac Games

World of Goo
– A physics based Puzzle game that is more that awesome. -

Call of Duty 2 and 4 – Who says there aren't some great games for Mac -

More Mac Games
– There are too many of me to mention but here are some the can keep you busy for a while. -

More Awesome

Cyberduck – My favorite FTP program once again it's free and works great.-

HandBreak – Will rip a DVD and convert it to video file. HandBreak has presets so you can just select what you want to watch the video on and HandBreak will get to work. -

Ripit- While we are on the subject of ripping the best DVD ripper for mac is Ripit. This app is awesome, could not be easier and is worth the money they are asking for it.

Transmission – bittorrent for Mac that has started to become the standard for Mac. It has some great features. -

Aperture – Okay if you have a Mac you have iPhoto and it's a good program, but Aperture is like iPhoto's older brother who use to give him swirlies as a kid. That is to say it's a professional photo management and production application.

Cinch – A window management application that allows you to control your wondow's size by dragging it to the top, or sides of the screen. Works like the Windows 7 feature ;) .

Jumpcut – Something I use every minute of everyday. All it does is store all for clipboard snippets and lets you paste them in later. It's simple and very very handy.

Audacity – sound clip editor that's free and has some great features. -

Xbox 360 Apps

Friendz – Mac app that lets you see who of your Xbox live friends are online and lets you send and receive messages. -

Connect360 and Rivet
– Lets you stream your Computers media to your Xbox. Rivit also lets you stream media to PS3 and is $10 cheaper. I will let you decide which is better for you.
Connect360 - Rivet -

More Apps

Facebook Notifications – Menu bar item the will show you your Facebook notifications. If you are a Facebooker then this app is very handy. -

PulpTunes – Turns your Mac's iTunes folders into a web server so you can play your music from any web browser. -

Orb – Makes all your media on your computer accessable from the web, music, video, pictures everything.

VLC – This is a media player that will play just about anything. -

Virtual Box – A free way to run other operating systems virtually -

Wine and Winebottler – Wine for Mac lets you run some Windows Applications without running an entire OS virtually. Winebottler lets you make the application a stand alone app.

WireTap Studio – Lets you record your system audio comes in handy more than you think. -

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