Rivet – Stream Media from your Mac to your Xbox or PS3

Published Wednesday, January 6, 2010 1:23 PM


There are a couple applications out there that allow your Mac to stream media directly to your Xbox. One of them which I have written about is called Connect360. A great little application that I have been using for some time now. One I have recently become aware of is called Rivet.

Rivet allows streaming of your music, pictures, and videos right to your Xbox. So how is it different from Connect360? Well for starters it's only $10 compared to the $20 you would be spending on Connect360.

Something else I like about Rivet is the fact it allows you to designate more than one video folder. I have different folders on my computer with video content in them, and I want them all sent to my xbox for streaming. With Connect360 I have to put them all in one folder because it only will find videos in iTunes and one other folder, which is kind of a pain.

Rivet also allows you to stream pictures from iPhoto and Aperture, which is nice because I have some photos in iPhoto and others in Aperture. Connect360 will only sync images from iphoto, which leaves out all my Aperture pictures.  Rivet also boasts an automatic Mirroring between your files and the Xbox. Connect360 does not and only syncs the files at timed intervals.

Another big difference between connect360 and Rivet is that Rivet also works with the PS3. So if you both a Xbox and a PS3 you only need on application to stream to both boxes. Check out Rivet from The Little App Factory the people who brought you Ripit an application I was raving about and I'm still really impressed with.

Rivet @ The Little App Factory 
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